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We offer the highest level of dental implant care. Dr. Kurt W. Kline is a dental implant specialist dedicated to providing precise, long-lasting dental implant treatment. Our team is passionate about restoring function and aesthetics to your smile while providing a positive experience.

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Trisha: Hi, welcome to Implant Dental. Implant Dental is a patient-focused practice and a worldwide implant continued education facility. Dr. Kline: Here, at Implant Dental, we provide quality, compassionate care of implant dentistry. What sets us apart from other practices is that 95% of our business is implant dentistry based services. We've been doing this for 28 years, and we're very compassionate about it. And we have high success rates. We provide surgery procedures all the way to the level of placing the teeth. Whether it's removal and/or fix, depending on what the patient's needs are. And when you come through the door, you're greeted by our wonderful, compassionate staff. Then we proceed to have you fill out a small questionnaire and then an examination followed up by diagnostic exams. I love my staff. My staff is wonderful. I couldn't do this without them. We've gone for, now what, 28 years and grown from a very small upstart practice, and they have been with me this whole time. They are compassionate about it. They love what we're doing. And we are just loving everything that we do here. I love doing implant dentistry. There's nothing more important to me in my life outside of my family. There's nothing more that I like than seeing a patient happy with what we've done here. Twenty-eight years of experience, a high-end facility, technologically advanced, training general dentists in implant dentistry, you can't find this anywhere else.

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