Meet Our Surgical Assistant, Susan

Dental Implant Surgical Assistant


Susan Butler has been the surgical assistant at Implant Dental for over 20 years. During your procedure, Susan will help the doctor ensure your safety and comfort. She is dedicated to providing high-quality implant care and an exceptional experience.

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I started here as an assistant with Dr. Kline's father over 20 years ago. After his retirement, I went with Dr. Kurt Kline as his everyday assistant. I was always a surgical assistant. I've enjoyed myself throughout the years, got to meet patients, develop relationships with them, see them grow. They saw me grow as a person. I've been very fortunate to be part of this office and see it evolve into something. It's exciting. It's changing constantly. We get to offer our patients so much more than what's the norm out there. There's many options. We have a beautiful office we'd love to share with them, and we're excited about it and looking always forward to the future even growing more.

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