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Dental Implant Restorations


If you have lost a tooth, it is essential that you replace it as soon as possible. Dental implant restorations provide unparalleled oral health benefits, stability, and aesthetics. Implant Dental can provide all aspects of your dental implant treatment, from placement to restoration.

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When a tooth is lost, there's an empty space. That space needs to be filled because the teeth that are on the opposing spaces, whether up or down or side by side, can move into that space. So it's necessary to place a tooth in there to prevent that from happening, migration of the other teeth. Dental implants are placed into the bone, and a tooth is put on top of that which provides that space filler and also gives you better chewing function and comfort. The perfect candidate for a procedure of this type is anybody that's missing a tooth or many teeth. Implant supported restorations can vary from single teeth to multiple teeth depending on the needs of the patient. And in some cases, implant-supported restorations are bars for overdentures or some form of attachment for overdentures.

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