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Dr. Kurt W. Kline Is Passionate about Implant Dentistry


Dr. Kurt W. Kline has specialized in implant dentistry from the very beginning of his career. He has undergone extensive training and refined his skills to provide the best patient outcomes. He is genuinely invested in improving his patients' lives with quality implant dentistry.

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In the late '80s, when I was at the University of Arizona, my father, who is a 50-year practitioner who just retired recently that I practiced with, had a difficult case that he could not solve. The patient couldn't eat, the denture wouldn't stay in. And he had to find a solution. I had read this article when I was at the University of Arizona, not in dental school at the time, and I told my dad about this doctor. It was Dr. Lenny Linkow in New York City. And he sent the patient down there and the patient came back a month and a half later with the most incredible prosthesis ever. The patient literally got on her knees and thanked my father. I knew then and there that this was what's going to change because my father would come home every day at dinnertime and say to me, "I don't know how we're going to deal with these patients." And I knew that this technology was something that we really needed. That's when my interest began. I entered dental school in the late '80s, Boston University in Boston, Mass. and I completed my training in 1990. And then I began my training with Dr. Carl Misch in early '90s. Dr. Misch taught me and trained me in implantology. And it was wonderful because he would come up here and help me with surgeries and placements of implants. And it was just an incredible experience. I love implant dentistry. There's no question this is the direction I've always wanted to go. It's helped a lot of people. And I'm hoping to help a lot more. Outside of the office, I love to ski, waterski, spend time with my family. I love to, especially, spend time with my daughter. My daughter is just the shining star of my life.

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