Mentorship Program

Our Immersive Dental Implant Course


We offer an immersive dental implant course that teaches you how to perform placement. It includes a day that you will spend actively placing implants. Dr. Kline is proud to offer a successful program that helps doctors provide quality implant care.

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Mentorship has been around for a long time in many of the medical professions. In dentistry, it has not truly become part of our culture. Our attempt here at Implant Dental is to have a true mentorship program. That mentorship means actually physically helping the doctors in getting dental implants instituted into their practice. All too many times, practitioners go to programs and learn all about these dental implants, the placement of implants, etc., but they come back on Monday morning and they sit at their desks and they can't get it. They figure out, "How am I going to get this in my office?" We've solved that problem. The way we go about doing that is setting up a 24-hour program to educate the doctor so that they're communicating at our level. And then after the completion of that program, they are set up for a mentorship day, which goes from 7 to 7, and basically, they're going to be placing five to six implants in that time period with our staff there watching over them. This has proved to be invaluable. I've been doing this for over 10 years, and the success rates are well over a 100%.

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