Correcting Jawbone Atrophy

Bone Grafting Can Restore Your Candidacy for Dental Implants


Once a tooth falls out, your jawbone begins to recede. This can lead to further tooth loss and affect your candidacy for dental implants. Dr. Kurt W. Kline can perform bone grafting to restore your jawbone so it can support dental implants.

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Once a tooth is extracted, the first thing that happens to the bony housing that supports the tooth is it begins to lose width, and then it begins to lose height. And if there is an insufficient width or height to place a dental implant, it's a problem. Where bone grafting comes in by putting bone into that particular area, it maintains the width and volume of bone to place the dental implant. Ideally, we'd like to have the bone to be at this similar level of what the tooth was so that the restoration in the end will look like a natural tooth.

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