Cutting Edge Tissue Engineering Can Stimulate and Enhance Healing

At Implant Dental, Dr. Kurt W. Kline uses advanced techniques to help patients who require bone regeneration or who have suffered from gum disease. He proudly performs state-of-the-art tissue engineering at his Plattsburgh, NY-area practice. Using one of several biocompatible materials and your body’s own growth factors, this procedure can accelerate the natural healing process to regenerate bone or gum tissue. In this way, Dr. Kline can provide a stronger base for dental implants, ensure long-lasting results, and improve your overall oral health.

With tissue engineering, more patients can achieve the necessary bone density and qualify for dental implants than ever before. 

Do You Require Tissue Engineering?

Dr. Kline will frequently perform tissue engineering at the same time as bone regeneration, helping to speed and improve the healing process. The procedure may be especially appropriate if you have suffered bone or gum recession as a result of your tooth loss. In some cases, he may also recommend soft-tissue grafting to address periodontal or gum disease. This condition causes pockets of bacteria to build in your gums so that the tissues start to pull away from your tooth roots and jawbone. Tissue engineering can strengthen the connective tissues so that your gums adhere more strongly to the underlying bone as well as restore damaged areas of your jaw, also reducing your risk for future tooth loss.

How Does Tissue Engineering Work?

To perform tissue engineering, Dr. Kline will first build a scaffold in the damaged area of your jaw. This scaffold will typically be made from bone, but can also be made from ceramic, polymers, or a combination of materials that are designed to eventually be absorbed by your body. The right material will depend on the exact function and location of the scaffold. Dr. Kline can then apply bioactive modifiers to the treatment area. These proteins and cells are naturally found in your body, and help encourage your body to heal itself. Integrating with your jaw, gums, and the newly created scaffold, the growth factors can stimulate tissue regeneration.

Illustration showing the steps of tissue engineering
Dr. Kline can add a scaffold and bioactive materials to signal your body's own healing process to regenerate bone tissue.

How Tissue Engineering Enhances Treatment

Tissue engineering can dramatically improve your oral health if you suffer from gum disease. Not only can the treatment alleviate inflammation, it can also restore your gum line, and help the soft tissues to heal around your tooth roots. Once you have eliminated the major issues caused by gum disease, you can undergo effective procedures for other oral health concerns, such as dental implants treatment to replace missing teeth.

Another major advantage is that this advanced therapy can help more patients qualify for dental implant placement. With tissue engineering, more patients can achieve the necessary bone density and qualify for implants than ever before. Bone regeneration can also have a higher chance of success, enabling patients who formerly suffered from bone loss to experience the superior stability of dental implants. This advanced technology and the cutting-edge bioactive modifiers that Dr. Kline uses can also improve your healing, speeding the recovery process for more comfortable, effective treatment.

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