Computer-guided Surgery Can Improve Dental Implants Treatment

Dr. Kurt W. Kline proudly offers computer-guided surgery at his Plattsburgh, NY-area offices. Our state-of-the-art imaging technology can generate 3-D images of your jaw and entire craniofacial structure. Dr. Kline can use these scans to design a precise, effective surgery to the exact proportions of your oral features and the density of your jawbone. He also uses the advanced SIMPLANT® system, which will guide the surgical instruments according to your specifications. At Implant Dental, our computer-guided techniques can reduce surgical risks and shorten healing time. Perhaps best of all, our accurate approach can ensure long-lasting results and a lifetime of restored dental function.

Photos of digital dental scansDr. Kline can use the precise scans to evaluate your jawbone, gums, and the position of your teeth.

i-CAT® FLX Scanning Technology 

The i-CAT® FLX cone beam scanner will circle your head completely, emitting cone shaped beams of x-ray light. Without ever coming in contact with you, the beams will pass through your body, travel differently through hard and soft tissues before being received by a digital scanner. In this way, the i-CAT™ FLX can generate 2-D and 3-D images. Uploaded to a computer, these images can be used as a model to plan your treatment.

Dr. Kline can use these precise scans to evaluate your jawbone, gums, and the position of your teeth. The technology is especially useful in evaluating your need for bone regeneration and in determining the most secure placement for dental implants. Your scans can also help him to determine if you may face any possible complications because of low sinuses or other anatomical features that can interfere with implant posts.

 for Accurate and Precise  Implant Placement

Dr. Kline strives to provide the most precise treatment possible, and uses several imaging systems for accurate implant surgery. He can measure bone volume, map the pathways of your nerves, and easily locate your sinus passages. With advances i-CAT® technology, he can even evaluate your jaw movement and the balance of your bite. Using all this information, he can design a precise implant surgery and any preparatory procedures you may require. While he creates this plan, he can answer all of your questions and address any concerns that you may have, ensuring you can make informed decisions.

 Dr. Kline also uses the innovative SIMPLANT® system to plan and perform surgeries. With SIMPLANT®, we will not only obtain images of your jaw, but the system can guide the surgical instruments, allowing Dr. Kline to execute an incredibly accurate procedure. SIMPLANT® is compatible with all types of implants and surgical implements, allowing more patients to enjoy this superior treatment experience.   

With a computer-guided surgical plan, Dr. Kline can position implants in the strongest areas of your jaw. Thus, there will be less risk of implant failure.

The Benefits of Computer-guided Surgery

Our technology offers numerous benefits for your current and long-term wellness, including:

  • Faster recovery: Because Dr. Kline can position your implants so accurately, your surgery can have less impact on your jawbone and your gum tissues. Our patients' recovery can often be much faster than it would after traditional surgery.
  • Minimal risks: Dental implant surgery is very safe. However, with a detailed map of all of your oral tissues, there can be even less risk for nerve damage and other side effects.
  • Lasting results: With a computer-guided surgical plan, Dr. Kline can position implants in the strongest areas of your jaw. Thus, there can be less risk of implant failure. With proper care, your implant posts can last the rest of your life.
  • Conservative treatment: Exact computer-guided techniques helps us to make the most of the strongest areas of your jaw, and can reduce the need for bone regeneration and other surgeries before implant placement.

Experience Advanced Care

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