An Advanced Dental Implant Procedure

Dr. Kurt W. Kline uses advanced technology before and during each dental implant procedure at his Plattsburgh, NY, practice to minimize the impact on surrounding tissue and provide life-changing, long-lasting results. Dental implants are posts, plates, or frames placed within or onto the jawbone to support dental restorations. Dr. Kline carefully plans every step of implant surgery to ensure the best possible placement and a fast recovery. Contact his office today to learn more about the dental implant procedure, or to schedule a consultation.

Implant Candidacy

Before recommending implants, Dr. Kline will carefully assess your candidacy. This process can also reveal the need for any preparatory surgery prior to receiving implants. In general, implant candidates:

  • dental implantAre in good general medical/dental health and can undergo local anesthetics.

  • Healthy periodontium (Gum Tissue)

  • Are missing one or more teeth, or require one or more diseased or damaged teeth to be extracted.

  • Have sufficient jawbone tissue to hold dental implants. In the event of inadequate volume of one bone Dr. Kline may recommend bone regeneration procedures to augment your jaw so it can support your root from implants. Other implant options will be recommended based on qualifying factors. Dr. Kline will discuss candidly pros and cons of all procedures including options. 

  • Commitment to protecting your investment with good oral hygiene. 

To determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants, Dr. Kline will take digital x-rays of your smile and use the iCAT®FLX cone beam scanner to create a three-dimensional digital model of your jaw. He will also examine your teeth and gums, review your dental/medical records, and take note of your goals.

The Procedure

Using the data gathered from your diagnostic imaging, Dr. Kline will plan your treatment with our advanced computer-guided SimPlant® surgical software and on a case by case basis, have a surgical guided fabricated for use during your procedure. To ensure the highest levels of patient safety, Dr. Kline performs aseptic technique surgery, which involves taking exacting precautionary measures at par with hospital operating room protocol. The room is disinfected top to bottom. The patients rinses with Chlorohexidine. The patient is sterile draped and surgical staff surgical scrub according to CDC standards, glove and gown. All elements of the surgery are performed to eliminate contamination risks including instrument cleaning and sterilization.

Next, Dr. Kline may provide oral conscious sedation to help you remain calm. The procedure will begin by administering anesthesia to numb your surgical area and keep you comfortable. He then will create small incisions into your gum tissue and place your implants. Depending on your needs, Dr. Kline will insert traditional screw-shaped, flat plate form, or smaller temporary mini implants into your jawbone, or place subperiosteal frame above the bone tissue.

Once this process is complete, Dr. Kline will close and reinforce postoperative care instructions. Depending on your needs and preferences, he may also place a temporary restoration while you heal.

Gallery: Smiles Restored by Dr. Kline

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Dr. Kline carefully plans every step of implant surgery to ensure the best possible placement and a fast recovery.


To expedite your healing, Dr. Kline can place a Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) at the treatment site to promote rapid healing especially during the critical first seven days of surgery. Typically, Dr. Kline recommends that patients come in for a checkup and suture removal appointment about two weeks after their implant placement surgery. However, depending on bone regeneration techniques used, type of implant and timing of tooth placement, this may vary.

  • Immediate      < 1 week
  • Early      3-4 weeks or 6-8 weeks
  • Conventional     > 2 months

Dr. Kline will help you monitor your recovery in order to ensure that you heal properly.


Learn More about Dr. Kline's Advanced Approach to Dental Implant Placement

If you are missing one or more teeth, we can create a customized dental implant treatment plan to help you regain the look and function of your smile. To learn more about dental implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kline.  

Financing Options

Dr. Kline and his team want to make dental implant treatment accessible to as many patients as possible. To make your procedure more affordable, he offers several financing options. With , and   Health Card, qualified patients can spread the cost of dental implants out over time. We also accept these major credit cards:

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Make an Investment in Your Smile - and Your Quality of Life

Dental implants placed and restored by a leading implantologist like Dr. Kline can be one of the greatest investments you ever make. To learn more about dental implant pricing, contact Dr. Kline's practice today.

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