Dental Implants: From Preparation to Restoration

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Bone Regeneration

If you have waited to address missing teeth, Dr. Kurt W. Kline and his team can replace atrophied bone tissue and restore your candidacy for implants. He can augment your jaw using either your own tissue or donor material, tissue engineering or in combination. Dr. Kline can augment the tooth socket or ridge to restore a base for your implant, or perform a sinus elevation by adding bone tissue to the upper jaw, avoiding the risk of interfering with the soft sinus tissue.

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Types of Dental Implants

Dr. Kline offers a wide array of dental implant types to meet distinct needs and preferences. He places several kinds of endosteal implants that are inserted in the jawbone, as well as subperiosteal implants that are placed onto the jawbone, beneath the gums. During a consultation, Dr. Kline will determine which kind of implant is best for your needs.

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Dental Implant Placement

Dr. Kline uses x-rays and iCAT®FLX cone beam scans to plan your surgery with special software. He also uses SimPlant® technology to create a customized surgical guide. On the day of your procedure, he will administer anesthesia and sedation as needed. Dr. Kline will then incise your gum tissue and place the implants. Finally, he will close and reinforce your post-operative care. 

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Depending on the extent of your procedure and other factors, Dr. Kline may recommend oral conscious sedation. This treatment helps you reach a deep state of relaxation during treatment, easing anxiety and allowing Dr. Kline work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Implant-supported Restorations

Dental implants are extremely versatile. Once you have healed following surgery, Dr. Kline will attach a crown, bridge, or denture to your implants. Your restoration will be completely customized to achieve a comfortable fit within your smile and provide a natural-looking appearance.

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Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants provide a wealth of important benefits. They are the only restorative option that halts bone atrophy following tooth loss, they provide the most natural appearance, and allow patients to chew, speak, and smile without having to worry that their dentures will slip out of place. 

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Mini Dental Implants

At approximately half the size of traditional dental implants, mini implants increase options for patients that are not candidates for regular, full-size implants. In addition, Dr. Kline can attach place the implants and attach your dental restoration with one surgery. ​

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Dental Implant Benefits

Supporting your restorations with dental implants provides the benefits of unparalleled security and minimal daily maintenance. Dental implants are also the only solution to continue stimulating the jawbone after a tooth has been lost, which prevents bone loss and jaw recession.

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Dental Implant Candidacy

Patients must be in good general health to undergo dental implant surgery, and should be willing to maintain healthy oral hygiene practices to ensure successful treatment. Some patients may need a bone graft or sinus lift before being approved for dental implants.

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Dental Implant Recovery

Recovery from surgery can take between three to six months, including an essential period during which you will need to rest immediately after your procedure. Dr. Kline will meet with you throughout the course of your recovery to monitor your progress and determine when to place your restorations.

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