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Our implant dentistry practice in Plattsburgh, NY, combines sophisticated technology with a warm, inviting atmosphere to provide our patients with a comfortable experience and life-changing long-term results. Dental implants are the most advanced restorative option for replacing missing teeth. These biocompatible posts, frames, and plates can provide the ultimate anchor for a wide variety of restorations. Dr. Kurt W. Kline and his team have extensive experience and proven expertise in helping patients restore the appearance, health, and function of their smiles with dental implants. He has created a welcoming atmosphere to help you remain comfortable with your treatment and confident in your results. Contact us today to learn more about implant dentistry, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kline.

Meet Dr. Kline

Dr. Kline has been helping patients rejuvenate their smiles with implant dentistry for over two and a half decades. He mentored with implant dentistry experts Dr. Paul A. Schnitman, Dr. Carl Misch, and Dr. Leonard I. Linklow. After earning his DMD, numerous prestigious training fellowships, and a phlebotomy certification, Dr. Kline remains dedicated to continuing education. Every year, he spends more than 300 hours learning about the latest advancements in implant dentistry and refining his expertise so that he can deliver outstanding care for our patients. Our licensed dental assistants and hygienists are equally devoted to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. One of his team members has worked with Dr. Kline for over 27 years. His friendly staff makes our patients feel like they are part of our family. 

Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Kline's state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most sophisticated tools in modern dentistry. He uses digital x-rays and an iCAT®FLX cone beam scanner to diagnose your condition and plan your procedure. He also uses computer-guided surgery software and SimPlant®’s innovative guides to provide predictable, beneficial results. With his expertise in phlebotomy, Dr. Kline can also use bioactive modifiers like  L-PRF (Leukocyte platelet-rich fibrin) and BMP (bone morphogenetic proteins) to help you heal more quickly. Meanwhile, his office uses electronic records to streamline each treatment process. 

Dr. Kurt W. Kline and his team have extensive experience and proven expertise in helping patients restore the appearance, health, and function of their smiles with dental implants.

Dr. Kline's Services

Dr. Kline and his team offer a full suite of implant dentistry services to provide every aspect of this restorative treatment. If you have experienced jaw atrophy after losing teeth, he can perform bone regeneration treatments such as ridge augmentation and chin or ramus block grafts. He also performs sinus elevation surgery to create room for implants in the upper jaw without disrupting the soft tissues of the sinuses. Dr. Kline places a wide variety of implant types, including endosteal (placed within the jaw) root form, plate form, and mini implants, as well as subperiosteal implants, which sit over the jawbone and beneath the gum line. To help make the dental implant procedure as simple and effective as possible, he also offers oral conscious sedation. This treatment can help you remain relaxed and comfortable during your procedure, and help Dr. Kline work more efficiently.

Our Financing Options

Dr. Kline does everything he can to make the advantages of implant dentistry accessible to as many patients as possible. Dr. Kline and his team offer numerous financing options, including loans from , and  for qualified patients. We also accept these major credit cards: 

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The Office

Dr. Kline's office is conveniently located one mile from major freeways and the local airport. The office is modern, sophisticated, and contemporary, yet with a comfortable and homey feel. He invites you to come and experience this high-tech, welcoming facility for yourself.

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